Palace in the Woods

Clouds floating above the Sun
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Who love and accept their bodies
The Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century

Olympic infrastructures and motorway interchange
Covert Action Magazine - Sacrifice Your Love
World obsessed with Gaslighting
Kiss my hand

Gushing high temperature fluids
Upside down lakes and waterfalls
Love my Lady out of the depth of my Heart
Rainbows and Winter time Groundhogs

Foreign Office minister James Cleverly
Goal of preventing the extinction of magic
Maps of our planet are not as detailed
Alienated the right of his party

Scenes were moved forward, a long third Act
Sex on the beach is fun with toys
Anything else... will ruin the movie
The Night of the Generals

Got recognized but in Denial of people
Strange to see the Dream working out
Nobody can stop the movements of Water
Isolation from the traditional streams

Native American and Indigenous Student
Enhance the immune response
They've recorded the exchange
Winston Churchill Street to Bobby Sands Street.

Adopted the attitude of the great Negro Laker
Brexit hunger games starting
The occasional missing corner was proof
Department of Diachronic Operations

Revolution of 1979, Iranians were busy changing names
Apartheid issues in the new century
Web applications used by millions every day
Try to clarify the highlights and some details

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Whispering Grass