Mind in Chains

Today’s feverish political discourse
Telling arty bullshit about a painting
Selling everything what you see
Must be happy with my Life

Forgot why I walked this Earth
Make money to pay my health security
Repression dominated strategy
Leadership a calculated gamble

Education falsified into dogfood
To an Athlete Dying Young
Alternative is growing violence
Silence sounds no worse than cheers

Other securocrats played a role
Time for checking the peaches
Monkey business in my car
The Last Trek, A New Beginning

You Two were dreaming about money
Basked briefly in the sunshine
Influenced by the Syrian script
To give the pipe to Maarten

Enough oxygen for 8 billion people
Current is passed through a liquid form
Silicon, aluminum, and magnesium
Interesting instability accelerates

Ghost comes with built-in support
Imagine a vibrant human presence
The dish's outer edge have four claws
Pearls, pair of horns, books, books

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Pharaoh Rising