London Town

In the dead of night
Feel betrayed
Through the hall and out the door
Money minds do not care
Winding up inside your head
The hopelessness around you
Fountain of perpetual minth
Beware of sadness

Everything has become a Game
Got no intention to share anymore
Step out of this World
Be Alone for ever and ever
Right wing policies on the rise
You all have lost your writer
May you rest in Peace

Holocaustic ways of Living
Innercity of Europe
Long gone the History
Future very bleak, ready to repeat
The Book will sell Right Money
Join the Game
Of corrupting officials to launder
Any inhuman behaviour

Melatonine good to sleep
You feel Chemically nice
Never been yourself
No energy emiting Being
Happiness is far away

Yesterday you were happy
Today you're sad
What comes within 24 hours
Life is a Mistery

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