Lady Shalott

Conjures up the end of the Thatcher era
A world-class filmmaker paved the way
The country is on the brink of a new beginning
One of the key milestones in his career

Sensitively performed drama that speaks volumes
Why do you make life so difficult for everyone
Managing the Crown jewels in a old fashioned way
He’s doing therapy and he needs to take medicine

Gorgeous, mind-blowing curves of her hips and waist
Exposed side, push her underwear back under her jeans
Sound is going into my head, without being processed
Discovered her underwear was an erogenous zone

Adolescent girls in the juvenile justice system
Dealing with many different kinds of addictions
The context of your life being a story you are
Partners in a long-term relationship prepared

Play a part in helping you achieve your vision
An interpretation at it based on past experiences
Take the power away from whom would make you a victim
Utter shamelessness of the writer’s comrades

A new monolithic design mirrors Mount Fuji itself
Distraction is literally at your fingertips
Heavy smoke fills Manhattan near Rockefeller Center
Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations

Pizza is a $30+ billion per year industry
Ink-wash paintings of mountains and streams
Facing a substantial rebellion over social care
Peppa Pig in your mind makes you wander all around town

Expressing a destructive power - sick of shadows
Sexuality is an utterly passive and frozen statement
Break loose of the cultural superego's mental grip
A weaver who makes beautiful tapestries of the images

The curse within a world of distanced art-making
Wanna touch your body - so fucking electric
Know you're scared of the mirrored telecaster
Back with the yellow gold before the morning light

Arrested on the London Underground in February 1972
Corrupt and wicked and evil police officers
A red-coat troop came marching
Shadows of the world appear in the moonlight

Flashed into the crystal mirror, made the photo
One flew out of the cuckoos nest
Fake insanity and shift to the special ward
The original buildings have been demolished

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