Autumn Leaves

Ancient Vases and Parthenon sculptures
At the foot of the monument in Atacama
Night-time temperatures fall below zero
Whose honest heart is still his Masters own

At the top of the pyramid
Find the experts of perception management
Creating the ultimate dream factory
Leave the candle with a flame

It does not satisfy my human soul
No one moves said the cowboy
Feed hoards of knights or other visitors
Polynesians formed strong bonds

Oral traditions about the original settlers
Supranatural insights into the Universe
First swimmer to return with an egg
Feel like an animal running up the Hill

Become the Birdman of the year Ultimate Goal
Mirrored across the globe, classic mysteries
Hidden those elements that do not resonate
Rising steeply above the Eden Valley

Tied to Cross Fell the Rock faces outwards
Suppress our divine sexual nature in errors
Consciously and deliberately create Reality
Writers of a particular genre of literature

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Egyptian army