Anti-Aircraft Rocket

The Great Reset in the Topology Library
Difference between a nude photo and a naked photo
If it is not professional, it is an act of God
Strike gold and become more popular than dildos

Scent of lemon and balance
Wall Street and Silicon Valley heavily invested
No choice but to learn Swahili in medical school
The seats and fire marks in the shelter

Earning a few pennies on one platform
Sit back silently and allow ourselves to be exploited
Content creation platforms are going to promote
Awesome hidden gems in my Alexandrian library

Quirky thoughts and random adventures through life
Better run this script regularly on your phone
Corporate media-led propaganda-vilification campaigns
Broken open the Shell of Innocense

Tubular lineage from the inside attached for Ever
Turning round and round, the illusions keep coming
Hanging in vain waiting to fall down into the Abyss
A magical spell might help to return to the Origin

Maintain the balance between the Balls of Fire
A Gaslighting society through blending modern communications,
Marketing, and advertising techniques with methods of propaganda
Humans never been honest from the Beginning

Don't need others to validate my reality
Self-reliance and confidence in defining my own reality
S-400 - One of the best air-defence systems currently made
Control the moment, stop the conflict, ease some anxiety

"Liverpool Maze Prison NHS Car Bomb made by Bobby Sands"

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