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A Letter from the East

A Letter from the East

"The thread of justice is torn. Arrogance and violence prevail. The big ones oppress the small ones and in their arrogance they ignore God; they have no soul.

Bloodthirsty Hitler is hurrying to fill every single field on the globe with misery and grief. Our Fatherland is not spared either. We offer you our honest hand, but you want our hearts. In your desire to conquer and oppress, you trample on everything that has been most sacred to us through all the periods of slavery and through the centuries – you trample on our freedom and honor, you trample on our pride.

To you, Hitler, Son of Cain, we, the children of great fathers and grandfathers, shout – enough! If you do not listen, you will be confronted with our strong muscles. We will spill your blood and stand on your dragon's neck so that you will never be able to stand up. Remember that perhaps God has designated us to retaliate against all your wrongdoings. Remember."

Nieuw bezoekerscentrum ‘Lam Gods Sint-Baafs’ officieel geopend
Het bezoekerscentrum werd ingehuldigd door bisschop Van Hecke en tal van prominenten. Het opent op maandag 29 maart de deuren voor het grote publiek.